About Us

Capehart Computer Services is a small computer repair business, owned and operated by Michael Capehart.  We are located in North Texas.  We do not have a public storefront, but we will come to you where ever you may be, or you may make delivery arrangements.

Michael has over 20 years of experience in many aspects of technology, having began in mobile technology in the 1990s with Palm Pilot software Quality Assurance and Technical Support.  He later migrated to Apple iOS (iPhone), Blackberry and Android software support.  In 2005, after numerous requests he began offering repair for faulty computer systems and upgrading computer networks.

He provides ongoing IT service for a number of different small companies and individuals in North Texas and even in other states, given his ability to provide remote support.

Because we have no storefront, no inventory and limited employees, we are able to provide hi-quality services at a substantially reduced price over the larger operations available that offer similar service.

We provide one-on-one services to anyone in the North Texas area. We also provide remote assistance and support to anyone, anywhere on the planet. If you have access to an internet connection, we can help you.